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12. 2014.06.12-15, Kraków, V EUROPEAN CONGRESS of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy“Creativity and Hypnosis”



12-14.09.1994 Łódź , Liz Lorenz Wallecher (Saarbrucken- Germany),  Therapy for sexual abuse victims.

21-23.10.1994 Warszawa, Brent Geary (USA),   Fundamental aspect of Ericksonian Psychotherapy,

15-17.02.1995 , Łódź, Bernhardt Trenkle (Rottweil – Germany), Family therapy without a family,

8-10.09.1995, Łódź, Susy –Signer Fischer (Bern-Switzerland), Remember as long as it is necessary – forget when the time comes. Therapy for sexual abuse victims,

18-19.04.1995, Kraków,  Ingrid Derra-Wippich (Ravesburg), Therapy for children and adults – the victims of sexual abuse,

24-25.05.1996, Łódź , Eric Greenleaf (Berkeley-California, USA), Solving unknown problems – dreams and symbols in psychotherapy

18-20.10.1996, Kraków, Brent Geary (USA), An internal journey – a theraupetic application of hypnosis,

23-25.10.1996, Gdynia, Brent Geary (USA), Ericksonian therapy- selected clinical issues,

9-10.05.1997, Łódź, Margret Gröne (Germany), How to starve your bulimia – systemic therapy of bulimia,

4-6.06.1997, Warszawa, Brian Alman (USA), Autohypnosis for therapists,

16-18.04.1998, Kraków, Brent Geary (USA), When you think you can, you really can – depression and anxiety; psychotherapy

18-23.10.1997, Grzegorzewice, Wolf Bunting (Germany), Salutary release – psychotherapy for oncological patients,

23-25.01.1998, Łódź,  Jane Parsons –Fein (USA), From depth I call you my beloved – a hypnotic language of couples.

15-16.05.1998, Kraków, Susy Signer – Fischer (Switzerland), On the other side of a mirror – aggression and violence – therapy for aggressive children and adolescents,

20-21.05.1998, Łódź , Joy Mills (USA), Metaphors for children and the inner child – an ericksonian approach for working with children,

1-3.10.1998, Łódź, Gunther Schmidt (Germany), From addiction to recognition – an Ericksonian approach for working with the addicted,

In search for identity – a course of 3 meetings:

1.21-23.01.1999 Łódź, Jane Parsons – Fein (USA), Women and hypnosis –  men kindly welcome.

2.7-8.05.1999 Łódź, Wojciech Eichelberger (Poland), Men and trust – women kindly welcome,

3.Autumn 1999, Łódź, Wolf Buntig (Monachium, Germany), Strength comes from the right place – family therapy.

1-2.03.1999, Łódź, Annalisa Neumeyer (Freiburg, Niemcy), Magic in work with children – how to work and build up contact with children rejecting cooperation,

11-13.05.2000, Łódź, Karl – Ludwig Holtz (Heidelberg, Germany), The rythms of development – hypnosis for children, theory and practice of developmental approach.

10-11.10.2000, Meeting Erickson, Jeffrey K. Zeig (USA),

12-14.10.2000, Günther Shmidt (Heidelberg, Germany), Addiction. Systemic therapy – hypnosis – integration of approaches,

24-25.11.2000, Liz Lorenz – Wallacher (Saarbrücken, Germany),  Pregnancy, labour, hypnosis.

4-8.03.2000, Wolf Buntig i Agnes Gabriel (Monachium, Germany), Grzegorzewice Strength comes from the right place – family therapy

23-24.04.2001, B. Geary (USA), Poznań, Psychotherapy of psychosomatic disorders,

19-23.05.2001 Grzegorzewice, Wolf Buntig (Monachium, Germany), Strength comes from the right place – family therapy

9-11.05.2002, Grzegorzewice, Martin Busch (Lackendorf, Germany), Awareness Through Movement – therapy of dr Moshe Feldenkrais,

2003 - 2004, Martin Busch (Lackendorf, Niemcy), SELFdevelopment a two-year polish-german training integrating the ideas of M. Feldenkrais and Erickson's hypnotherapy.

spring 2003 Grzegorzewice, Wolf Buntig i Agnes Gabriel (Monachium, Germany), Strength comes from the right place – family therapy

17-21.09.2003, Katowice, Otto Brink (Germany), Partnership and love. Family Constellations and the conversation of two,

28-29.10.2003, Łódź, Heribert Döring - Meier (Germany), Love's own truths ,

30-31.10.2003, Łódź,  Heribert Döring - Meier (Germany), Discovering reality,

12-17.10.2004, Peter Nemetschek (Niemcy),  Therapy of a child in a family,

since autumn 2005, M. Senftleben – Gudrich (Niemcy), Bert Hellinger's family therapy. 2-year training for experienced therapists.

01.2006 - 10.2007, under M. Senftleben's supervision – Gudrich (Germany), International training on family consteallations Opennes,

since autumn 2006, Martin Busch (Lackendorf, Germany),  SELF-development.2-year, polish-german training integrating the works of M. Feldenkrais and Erickson's hypnotherapy.

16-17.09.2005, Katowice, Heribert Döring - Meier (Germany), Systemic family therapy according to Bert Hellinger's approach.

25-28.09.2005, Grzegorzewice, Judith i Rolad Gautschi – Canonica, (Baden, Szwajcaria)

TaKeTiNa – working with unconsciousness and body rythms,

10-12.11.2005, Łódź, M. Senftleben – Gudrich (Germany), Family resources. Bert Hellinger's family therapy.

18-20.04.2006, 21-23.04.2006,  Martin Busch (Lackendorf, Germany), SELF-development,

14-17.10.2006, Nowa Górka, Judith i Rolad Gautschi – Canonica, (Baden, Switzerland), TaKeTiNa – working with unconsciousness and body rythms,

 2006 - 2008, Heribert Döring - Meier (Germany), Application of systemic approach and family constellations in psychotherapy. A 2-year training,

24-26.09.2007, Nowa Górka, Heribert Döring - Meier i Renate Osterrieder (Germany), Using your body in family consteallations / Body psychotherapy in family consteallations,

12.2007 - 03.2009, Martin Busch (Lackendorf, Germany), SELF-developmnet,

1-5.03.2008, Nowa Górka, Wolf Buntig (Monachium, Germany), Strength comes from the right place. Potential oriented psychotherapy – disease as an opportunity, symptom as a guidepost,

10.2008 - 2010, Katowice, Heribert Döring - Meier (Germany), Application of systemic approach and family constellations in psychotherapy. A 2-year training,

30-31.05.2008, Kraków, Camillo Loriedo (Italy),  A sleeping giant – family therapy and individual therapy in treating depression,

18-19.11.2008, Łódź, Jeffrey Zeig, Anxiety and depression,

7-8.10.2008, Katowice, Heribert Döring - Meier (Germany), Family Consteallations and theraupetic ritualas,

10-12.10.2008, Katowice, Heribert Döring - Meier i Renate Osterrieder (Germany), Family constellations and body psychotherapy, captured motion – ties reconstruction,

30-31.03.2009, Wrocław, Bernhardt Trenkle (Rottweil – Germany), Family therapy without a family – how to provoke systemic changes through an individual therapy,

31.05.2009, Poznań, Brent B. Geary (USA), A strategic approach in treating psychosomatic disorders.

9-10.10.2009, N i P. Baretta (Ca, USA), Łódź, Psychosomatics, psychotherapy and metaphor,

20-24.02.2010, Nowa Górka, Wolf Buntig i Sabine Bundschu (Germany),  Strength comes from the right plac

2-6.07.2011, Nowa Górka, Sabine Bundschu (Niemcy), Strength comes from the right place,

7-8.10.2011, Łódź, N. i P. Barretta (Ca, USA), THE TRANCE DANCE - Teaching Couples to Love, Honor & Negotiate,

20-21.11.2015, Łódź, Norma Barretta (Ca, USA), "Personal Growth & Development".

16-17.11.2018, Łódź, Norma Barretta (Ca, USA), "WHAT WOULD MILTON ERICKSON SAY?”

27-28.09.2019, Łódź "Żyjący i ich zmarli - depresja, lęk i zdrowie" Claude Virot


An Annual International Training Seminar co-organized with Milton Erickson Institut Rottweil, Niemcy, Bernhard Trenkle in Wigry ( Wigry Monastery, Mazury / Suwałki).

1992, Utilisation I

1993,  Utilisation II

1994, Utilisation III

1995,  Utilisation IV

1996,  Utilisation V

1997, Utilisation VI

1998.06.20-27, Utilisation VII,

1999.06.19-26, Utilisation VIII, Intensive-Trainings und Supervisions-Week

2000.06.17-24,  Utilisation IX, Direct vs. Indirect Hypnosis in Psychotherapy and Medicine

2001.06.9-16,  Utilisation X, Introduction to hypnosis and systemic therapy

2002.06.15-22, Utilisation XI, Hypnosis and pain; Hypnotic techniques in rehabilitation

2003.06.7-14,  XII, Utilisation Hypnosis for children and adolescents

2004.01.25-30, Winter-Wigry, Mental Training, Sports hypnosis, Selfshypnosis

2004.06.12-19, Utilisation XIII, Therapy for older people, Multi-generational  perspective in therapy with children, adolescents and adults.

2005.27.08 – 3.09, Utilisation XIV, Best of Wigry

2006.06.17-24,  Utilisation XV, Hypnosis for Child and adolescents

2007.06.16-23,  Utilisation XVI, Trauma therapy / Ego State Therapy

2008.06.22-29, Utilisation XVII, New concepts/ New Faces

2009.06.13-20, Utilisation XVIII, Therapeutic stories and methapors

2010.06.12-19, Utilisation XIX, Medical hypnosis and psychosomatics

2011.06.11-18, UtiliSEAsation XX, Best of Wigry

2012.06.09-16, UtiliSEAsation XXI, World meets Wigry

2013.06.8-15, UtiliSEAsation XXII,„Das Beste von Alten – Das Feinste von Neuen“

2014.08.30-09.06, Wigry, UtiliSEAsation XXIII, "Innovative und Lösungsorientierte Ansätze in Hypno- & Psychotherapie"

2015.06.6-13, Wigry, UtiliSEAsation XXIV, "Reden Reicht Nicht" - Bifokal-multisensorische Interventionstechniken,

2016.06.11-18, Wigry, UtiliSEAsation XXV, „25 Jahre Seminarwoche Wigry“,

2017.06.10-17., Wigry, UtiliSEAsation XXVI, „Geschichten, Metaphern & Symbole“.

2018.06.9-16., Wigry, UtiliSEAsation XXVII, Seminar- und Supervisionwoche: "Trauma - Onkologie - Hoffnung".