Psychotherapy is a method of treating various diseases and psychological problems.
“The purpose of psychotherapy is to enable a patient to achieve a legitimate personal goal as advantageously as is possible."
                                                                                                                                                                   (Erickson,1980, Vol. IV, chap.54, p.482)

The patient determines the problem that he or she  wants to work with, which is the goal of psychotherapy, and takes responsibility for his/ her own involvement in therapy. The therapist uses purposeful activities to support and stimulate the patient's pursuit of the goal. This is done by utilizing everything that the patient brings, and also with the use of humor, paradox, and many techniques such as parables and metaphors.

The Polish Milton Erickson Institute offers help of professionals. Our team consists of experienced psychotherapists. We lead  therapy sessions at the Institute in Łódź, Poznań or Katowice and cooperate with therapists in Poland.

Duration of treatment depends on  goals, patient's expectations and approach used by the therapist. One therapy session lasts  about 50 minutes. Individual therapy meetings are usually held once a week. Sessions of family therapy or couples therapy are held less frequently, i.e. every two weeks.

Our offer includes different kinds of outpatient therapy:

  • Individual psychotherapy for adults
  • Marital and couples psychotherapy
  • Family therapy, including children and young people
  • Group therapy
  • Trainings
  • Psychological Asessment
  • Counseling.

 In order to schedule an appointment, please contact us via email: info@p-i-e.pl.